Monday, January 17, 2011

Hawaii's Dole Plantation

While waiting for the plumber to fix my garbage disposal, I've been keeping busy with blogging, editing photos, and reviewing my house to do list this year, which includes redoing the master bathroom that will definitely involve Tile floor installation. I should be outside since it is a three-day weekend, but I am not too happy with the cold weather here. Winter can be a drag and since arriving from Hawaii, this winter is becoming harder to handle. My heater has been blasting non-stop for weeks now. I'm worried about my electric bill this month.

So while the temperature is dropping in the Maryland area, I keep myself warm by looking at photos of Hawaii. Sometimes, coats, thick socks and winter boots are not enough to keep me warm, but the memories of warm Hawaii can. Here are the photos I took when we visited Dole Plantation.

You will be greeted by this building when you drive into the plantation.
 Exotic plants are everywhere.
 The Pineapple Garden Maze which I accomplished in 2006.
 Interesting sign post - it tells how far Hawaii is from other destinations.
 A perfect blend of tropical colors.
 The koi pond.
 Sample garden showing all the Pineapple varieties.
 A brief history of Dole, Hawaii and the Pineapple.
The gift shop. There's also an ice cream shop at the back where they sell pineapple ice cream.
Pinya or Pineapple.


  1. look at how red the pineapples are!

    the scenes remind me of my brief visit to mindanao, specifically south cotabato, where a dole plantation also exists. but they don't have a dole gift shop like this one! :P

  2. it's been cold here to kayni! talagang the climate is changing.

    it's works ano, looking at "hot" pictures when you're feeling cold. for you though, it must be the warm feeling of remembering your family in hawaii. :)

  3. I wonder how pineapple ice cream taste like? Hmmm. Have you tried one?

  4. Oh I love pinya but I haven't tried pineapple ice cream. I usually just stick to chocolate flavor :D

  5. oh kayni it is so cold here too! and thanks to your photos, i feel warm already!

  6. I visited Dole plantation back in '05. Its an interesting place and the pineapple has an interesting history. :D

  7. hmmm.. i suddenly have a pineapple craving after reading your post.. yum! pineapple ice cream.. i don't know if i have tasted that flavour already...

    goodluck wiht the upcoming renovation too . i am also thinking of painting my living room walls but don't have any idea yet ;(

  8. I really wish I could afford a HI vacation. That garden alone is worth a couple of hours of exploration. That exotic plant, is that a ginger lily?

  9. @ Daphne, The pineapple ice taste like ice cream and I like it.

    @ Photo Cache, I don't think it's a ginger lily but one reason why I took a photo is because I don't know the name and found it really

  10. Hi Kayni,

    this place looks great. I just visited the dole farm in Davao, Philippines. My husband used to work there :)