Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucky They Live In Hawaii

I am still in Hawaii and if I could I'll never leave.

I don't like the idea of going back to work.

I will miss the food here especially the huli huli chicken, malasadas, hot pandesal and more.

I will miss the perfect weather and the beautiful Pacific.

I will miss wearing shorts and flip-flops everyday.

I will miss the authentic Sanrio shops.

I will miss so many things but most of all, I will terribly miss my family and the wonderful people of beautiful Hawaii.

Lucky they live in Hawaii.


  1. they have authentic sanrio store in hi? that alone is a reason to go:)

    enjoy, as i'm sure you are doing.

  2. you know what kayni, i was thinking of hawaii the other day and was thinking of making plans to go there someday!

    if ever i do, i'll be taking tips from you. :)

  3. At least you can always go back, although not as often as you wish because of work.

    Sanrio in Hawaii? Holy wow!

  4. Sigh. I share your sentiments Kayni. It's hard to leave talaga. After spending only 5 days with my sisters in Singapore, a part of me don't want to go because I'm already missing them, but since my parents are here in the Philippines, I just thought that I can still go back pa naman. But still, I realized how hard is it talaga to be away from your loved ones.

  5. I love sanrio. It reminds me of my childhood. :)

    I got curious with that huli huli chicken. Para ka lang nag hahabo ng tumatakbong chicken hehehe.

    Happy Weekend Kayni.

  6. oh, so lucky indeed!

    happy new year Kayni!

  7. If to make you feel any better, feel very happy for your family that they are lucky to be living in Hawaii :)

  8. Hi Kayni, lucky they live in Hawaii, and I am most lucky to have you for a friend.

  9. Same sentiments. But it's good we could still be home regularly and during special occasions. :)

  10. oh yes indeed! lucky you too you can spend a few days on that paradise ;) enjoy the sunshine and walking in your flip flops..
    wow- i too would love to see the sanrio shop ;)

  11. lucky indeed that they live in hawaii. anytime, pwede ka namang bumisita ng hawaii to see your family.