Monday, January 24, 2011

Part 2: The Ephesus Stroll

Walk with me, as we stroll through Ephesus together...

 Greek goddess Nike
 So many visitors on the day we visited.
 Mosaic tile floor
 Doorway to the ancient past.
Public toilets
Library of Celsus, built in 117 A.D.
According to our guide, this was the "third richest library in ancient times after Alexandra and Pergamum."
Designed by the Roman architect Vitruoya, the library was built in memory of Celsus Polemeanus, who was a Roman senator, General Governor of the Province of Asia, and a great lover of books. Celsus' son, Julius Aquila, began the construction in 110 AD. The library was completed by Julius Aquila's successors in 135 AD. Celsus was buried beneath the ground floor in a lead container inside a marble tomb. A corridor behind the north wall leads to the vault.(Source here.)
The interior of the library was burned during a Goth invasion in 262 AD, and in the 10th century, an earthquake brought down the facade. The building we see today was carefully restored by the Austrian Archaeological Institute. (Source here.)
Please join me for our next stroll - the Commercial Agora.


  1. Ancient places like Ephesus enthrall me. Whenever I visit anywhere that has an ancient site, I hunt it out and explore it. I touch the stones and feel the ancient vibes, It's a wonderful feeling.

  2. @ Loree, I agree. When I visit an ancient site, I imagine what it was like during their time and I try to imagine what were they doing on that certain day and certain time. I love history and I love visiting ruins.

  3. grabe kayni, i'm trying to imagine what the place must have looked like during its "heydays"! beautiful!

  4. Very nice! Thanks for the walking tour Kayni. =)

    I was a bit puzzled by the public toilets. How come they didn't have doors or some sort of divider between the eh holes? Or baka naman the doors didn't survive and make it to current times? hehe

  5. @ Daphne, According to our tour guide, toilets back didn't offer that much privacy. The photo I posted is the men's toilet by the way.