Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Part 3: Ephesus - Agora And The Theatre

Here's what's left of the agora. Once a bustling commercial area in its prime now lay in ruins with the still and quiet columns standing witness to history and time.
The center for business, politics and trade. I could still imagine how busy and crowded it would have been back then. People doing business, selling, playing board games etc. Now, only the silent columns remain.
Corinth column.

Part of the main walkway.
The Christian symbol carved on a marble tile. In Greek it is spelled as IXOYE = Iesous Christos, Theou Uios, Soter. Used to identify or acknowledge the presence of Christians.
While exploring the agora, the trumpets blasted and we were treated to a show.
Entrance of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra.
Royalty must be entertained.

I love their footwear.
Gladiator duel.

I waved back.
The Theatre - "this is where St. Paul preached against the pagans." (Source here.)
Unearthed sarcophagi.

When I saw these letters, I wondered who carved them on this marble? Who was he? He might be long gone, but his letters are still here - witnessed by many who luckily strolled through Ephesus.


  1. wow beautiful pictures.. amazing place and history.. my in laws were there as well a few years ago -it really is amazing to be in a place you know existed long,. long time ago and has so much history on it.. almost unreal..

  2. oh you had some show. how fantastic. love the costumes.

  3. What a fantastic place. Those silent columns speak volumes.

  4. ang galing naman! may show pa! gustong gusto ko mga show na ganyan! :)

    i noticed the mountains at the side...what more can you ask for?

  5. PS, kayni, i dont know if i've informed you already, but my entry for your contest is up:

    it made the deadline by the way! he he!

  6. Whoa! Ang ganda naman dyan! Looking at your pics, I feel like I was transported back in time :)

  7. wow ang ganda naman. at may show pa talaga ha. love it!

  8. ang ganda naman...nice photos and definitly interesting place to go ;)