Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Afternoon Thoughts

A check list or a flurry of afternoon thoughts.

I'm sleepy again. It's definitely jet lag. I can't believe how horrible traffic was last night due to the snow storm. People forget how to drive. I didn't get home until 9 PM. We got about three inches; it wasn't enough for a day off. The mornings have been really cold and I terribly miss the beach and warm sun. I keep seeing the blue Pacific. And I miss the Swap Meet already - all the Filipino goodies I could get there. I wish I can go there this weekend.

I'm wondering what happened to my exchange gift, maybe the package got stuck in another country. I keep having illusions someone is eating my Cloud 9 bars. Silly me! I'm drafting a post for my birthday giveaway so watch out for it. I don't have big items for prizes, but if you like little cute things, then I invite you to join. It's a birthday giveaway, so it should be fun. Consider it a blog party. I also just got a notice that it's time to renew my other blog domain so it's a good time to research more about web hosting at bluehostreviews. I love blogging. Life is good.


  1.'s january already and sad to hear that your exchange gift got stuck somewhere.

    advance happy birthday kayni!

  2. ooohhh! i'm excited for your giveaway! :)

    too bad about your package. is this the blogger exchange gift? perhaps you could follow up? you may email PM. diba may mga tracking numbers naman yun. so maybe you can find out what happened.

  3. Wow that's quite a contrast for your body clock. From tropical weather to neck deep in snow! I hope you 'recover' soon from your jet lag etc.

    Looking forward to your birthday giveaway ;)

  4. You haven't received your exchange gift haul pala. I'm sure PM will do something if she learns about this. On the happy note, I am excited about your birthday giveaway!

  5. Cheers! Blogging is fun. Life is good. And advance Happy birthday! Will join your blog party, for sure =)

  6. @ Eds, Thank you.

    @ Grace, Do join my giveaway. I am not sure if the e-mail I used to contact PM went through. Wala pa kasing reply.

    @ Daphne, This is the tough part about traveling to a different time zone. I seem to get the jet lag for a week. Do join my giveaway. It's not big but it's something :).

    @ Mumsified, Thank you. I'm glad you'll be joining :)

  7. oh my, i thought of joining the blogger exchange gift and completely forgot about it.. sana nga may cloud 9 na rin ako,hehe.. i forgot to request from Mama.. pati mallows man lang or flat tops...

    it's quite hard to buy/find filipino veggies around here this time of year. i just learned they don't necessarily come from PH.. mga tanim din daw pala ng mga tagadito,LOL!

  8. @ jehan, this is one reason why i go home to hawaii because filipino vegies are so abundant there. whenever i come back to maryland, i miss those vegies a LOT.