Monday, February 7, 2011


As I wait for my bowl of Samyang instant noodle to cool off, I can't help but look through my office window and feel the chill and coldness of winter. A waft of spice and beef noodles warmed my nostrils, as I stared at the outside world devoid of greenery, even Lafayette Park looks dead in the midst of winter, and the streets look pale because of over salting. I told myself there's more than a month left of winter, so I try to cheer myself up with the former colors of fall.

Foliage and wires.
Burning bush.

Drive to work.
Lake Whetstone dock.

Floating fall leaves.
Dog visits lake.

A photographer's bliss.

Change is coming soon. 

As winter packs to leave for spring's arrival, I will be boxing my files to a new office soon.


  1. Such beauty and pretty colours. Our winters are green and colourful so I really cannot complain.

  2. Ahh autumn… What a wonderful time of year, full of color and crisp air. Fall brings so many good things, the changing colors in the leaves, fresh apples brings warm apple pie, and cuddling with your loved one. Though, I do have to say that spring also bring some of my favorite things.

  3. kayni!!! I love the pics! as in...i love the colors...i love the place! it's so beautiful! bakit dito walang ganyan? hu hu!!!

    are you transferring companies or just the office?

  4. so beautiful out there in the northeast, you truly experience the glory and beauty of each season.

    we are having some spectacular weather out here. it even climbed to 80 yesterday. it feels like late spring here and not mid winter.

    btw, i have recd your wonderful postcards and keychain - totally up my anglophile alley. thanks kayni.

  5. Next time post some dreary winter pictures so we can compare it to this series of autumn photos.

    Hopefully spring comes early enough for you to experience a nice change. :)

  6. I liked most the crow shot! I saw Hello Kitty. ;)

  7. outside view nyo ba yung may caption ng "Foliage and wires"? WOW!!!

    transferring to another office/company?

    hello kitty!

  8. You made me wishful again today, I wish the desert has that beauty too...

  9. beautiful pictures -you caught the colours of autumn - but best of all love the hello kitty socks (",)

  10. what a lovely place you got there. just looking at your photos relaxes me here.