Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Look Forward

Every time we celebrate New Year's Day, Mom always say, which I've also heard from relatives and family friends, that how you start your new year will determine or define how your whole year would turn out to be. This is the main reason Mom prepares a lot of food for the Media Noche and insists that my siblings and I make sure there's money in our wallets when New Year's Eve arrives. All these preparations for New Year's Day will surely guarantee a home that will never ran out of food and a wallet that will never go empty. Whether I believe this or not, I love how it strengthens our hopes for a better year and somehow encourages positivism in all of us. So, since I welcomed this year with a travel to the island of Maui, and if 2011 would be so kind, then I'd love this year to be a travel intensive one.

Here are a few things I'm looking forward for the next few months:
  • a massage this month
  • possibility of a new camera
  • wearing my flip flops again
  • weekend trip to Williamsburg
  • DC's Cherry Blossom Festival
  • tulips and chocolates in Pennsylvania
  • flower and vegetable gardening in spring
  • painting/renovating the guest room
  • summer in Scandinavia


  1. Following you via Blog Hop. Hope you wil follow me too @

  2. Chocolates and tulips sound like a great combination. The trip to Scandinavia sounds sublime and that cherry blossom festical sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. Enjoy :)

  3. all the best with your plans..

    my mom also does the same thing on new year's eve...really a good way of starting the year with lots of positivism...

  4. oh how i wish to experience cherry blossoms! haay....

  5. Oh summer in Scandinavia! Now that's really grand. Looking forward to witnessing it through your eyes through your pictures. Na excite tuloy ako. hehe

    Great list, Kayni =)