Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Narrow Walkways Of Pyrgos

You need good walking shoes and a bit of stamina if you want to explore Pyrgos. Its ascending, narrow, tortuous pedestrian only walkways and traditional old houses make Pyrgos both a photographer's favorite and a nightmare for out-of-shape people like me. Accompanied with heavy breathing and with a sweaty t-shirt clinging on my back, reaching the top of Pyrgos brought me more than relief but also a breath of fresh Mediterranean air, and a spectacular view of the island.

One of the 33 churches in Pyrgos.
White church buildings and the blue painted domes are a familiar sight in Santorini.
Narrow entrances to residential houses.
The walkways get narrower as you near the top.
This orange cat followed us through our tour.
I think I took this photo when we took a break during the climb.
The view gets better as you climb higher.
We weren't allowed to see the inside of this church. I think it was strictly for Greek Orthodox only.
  A view at the top at last!

Purple flowers adorned the walkway walls as we descended back to our bus.
A map of Pyrgos.

Our tour guide explained that the village of Pyrgos was purposely built narrow and dense to thwart pirate attacks. She mentioned that it was easier to defend a village that is densely contained and protected with walls.

Although I strained during the hike to the highest peak of Pyrgos, I really enjoyed meeting some of the locals who were always smiling and friendly. Next time, I'll make sure to be more fit for more strenuous hikes or walks.


  1. So the Pyrgos locals are friendly. I guess I have to re-read the other blog who said otherwise about Greeks.

    I felt like being with you aiming to reach the top as I follow through the pictures :-)

  2. at least kayni, you've had some exercise while touring diba? at may chaperon ka pang orange cat!

    i've never been to greece...pero bakit it seems like everything there is white? :)

  3. a lovely view from the top ha. sulit naman ang pag akyat mo saka may kasama ka namang orange cat eh. hehehe

  4. Oh very nice, everything looks so pristine! We only visited the Greek capital, Athens. This was way back in 1998 for the 30th anniversary of my parents.

    The Greek isles I have only seen in movies like "Mama Mia" and "My Life in Ruins".

  5. so appreciated this tour. this is the next best thing to going there myself.

    so jealous.

  6. inggit ako. kayat ko met nga mapan dita. maybe someday... :)

  7. Now I am in love. It is so pretty and I love the contrast of white and blue.

  8. I want to experience its narrowness and beauty! Were you able to take photos of Santorini sunset?