Monday, February 14, 2011

Port Of Kusadasi

My tour of Kusadasi and the areas nearby would soon come to an end. Turkey is such an impressive and beautiful place to visit, and if given another chance, I would absolutely visit again in the future. Historically and culturally abundant, Turkey is a gold mine for history and archeology enthusiasts. And even if you're not into history or archeology, you'll be left awe-stricken with how much this place has to offer. So as our tour winded down, although too tired and too hungry, our feet took us shopping - that is until it was time to go back to the ship.

I wanted to take home one or two of these lanterns, but I was afraid they might brake during the trip.
Shops near the port and yes, these shop keepers can get pushy. It's a very interesting experience especially with bargaining.

Night came too soon.

Sağ olun (thank you), Turkey!
Soon, we were sailing for our next destination - Santorini, Greece.


  1. I hate pushy shopkeepers but Turkey looks like a very interesting and beautiful country.

  2. Those are really eye catching lanterns. We bought one from Ross - of all places - that people think we picked up from one of our trips.

    I think World Market has tons of them as well. And als Import One, but Ross is cheaper.

  3. It's so nice to see houses along the shore with a mountain on the background :)

    I read another blog that took a Turkey to Greece tour and I hope you wont say the same -- Greece has the history and architectures but not too nice people to be with...

  4. Too bad you weren't able to buy one of those lanterns. Their designs are exquisite!

    I have this colorful blue mosaic wall clock which my parents bought in Istanbul, Turkey. It has stopped working even though I keep replacing the battery but I still keep it hanging on the wall. Kahiya nga lang kasi malay ang time! hehe

  5. gorgeous seaport destination!

    i hope you are feeling better!

  6. UAE is no near to Turkey and yet I've never been there. I am dreaming of Santorini since I saw the movie Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. :)

  7. I love markets! Turkey is on our must see spots! You're so lucky to have visited already :D Happy Hearts day, Kayni!

  8. Dear Kayni,

    Puwede bang sa next trip ay isilid mo ako sa isa mong maleta para makapunta naman ako dyan? hahaha!

    Keep safe and enjoy your trips. Keep on sharing those pics. Nakakatuwang tingnan at nakaka-inspire.

  9. @ Loree, It was intimidating dealing the pushiness, so I stayed away from shopping. I would love to go back to Turkey again.

    @ Photo Cache, Thanks for letting me know. I might be able to find one here. There's a World Market near me.

    @ Gremliness, My Greek experience was pleasant, but I only been to Santorini and Corfu.

    @ Daphne, Oo nga, sayang. I'm the same, I still keep a few things even if they don't work anymore just because it has a sentimental value.

    @ Faery, I'm doing much better but I'm just plagued with the coughs.

    @ Wits, I hope you'll like the Santorini photos.

    @ Kate, I'm sure you'll get to Turkey one of these days. Belated Happy Vday :)

    @ Nortehanon, Sige, next Thank you. I'll certainly keep sharing. Take care.

  10. kayni, because of your story and pics, i want to go to turkey!

  11. I've always wanted to go to Turkey! Rich history, culture... and good food!