Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What To Do On A Snow Day

I woke up to six inches of snow today, so since roads were unplowed and I didn't want to risk my car getting stuck in sludge, ice and snow, I decided to telecommute. At 6 a.m., I was already out shoveling snow, clearing out the sidewalks and scraping ice on my car; I did hurt my shoulders and back in the process.

The rest of my day looks like this:
  • signed on and monitored work e-mail
  • make coffee and toast for breakfast
  • iced my sore shoulders and back
  • cleaned house
  • organized living room furnitures
  • arranged books into bookshelf
  • laundry - washed, dried and folded
  • checked work e-mail
  • lunch - adobo and rice
  • wrote and edited article for submission
  • watched "Bridget Jone's Diary" on cable
  • called Mom
  • checked work e-mail again
  • shoveled snow again
  • wrapped my hands around my hot tea for warmth - my fingers felt numbed
  • in flip-flops, I walked, actually ran, to the mailbox to pick up mail - Mom sent me some Filipino movies
  • signed off from work e-mail
  • dinner - adobe leftover with rice and tea
With thick socks, a knitted hat, sweater, hand warmers, another cup of tea, and my Filipino movies in tow, I'm heading to my bedroom to cuddle with my electric blanket and rest my sore body. I'll be dreaming of spring.

Goodnight, Mr. Old Man Winter!


  1. Oh so you had a very progressive day! It's good you are able to work from home especially during these harsh winters. Btw, I hope you got the email I sent you. :D
    Stay warm, Kayni!

  2. you made full use of your day. you may have had a more productive day at home than at work.

  3. Winter seems to be catching up with us just when I thought it was never coming!.For the first time this winter, I am feeling cold.

  4. so the snow kept you in ha? at least you can work from home! :)

  5. nice :) at least you got a productive snow day and some comfy-relaxing time as well