Friday, March 25, 2011

A Dark New Love

I know I ranted on my previous post, and I thank you for reading. It's Friday and I'm starting to feel myself again. I also found a new love.

I've always been a milk chocolate person, but with this new Dove raspberry and dark chocolate swirl, I won't hesitate to indulge with this dark new love from time to time.


Raspberry swirls are oh-so-lovely and delish.

What's your new love these days? A wonderful weekend to all.


  1. oh my i love that. can i have a bite :)feeling ko kanina while reading your post it's about Dove (soap) hehehe

  2. yummy! that looks so good - unfortunately we don't have it here :(

    happy weekend too!

  3. I've always been curious about Dove chocolate bars, but never gotten around to getting one. Maybe I should now.

  4. Yummyness, mukhang maiinlove din ako sa ganyan, makahanap nga ng ganyan dito.

  5. From afar, the chocolate package looks like the Galaxy brand. I have yet to see that brand on the supermarket shelves, and if I see one, I'll surely grab a piece.

    May you keep feeling well, especially on your platelet count...

  6. I'm always dark chocolate person. Dark chocolate and raspberry sounds delish.

  7. I am amused at the folks in the Philippines confusing Dove chocolate with Dove soap, which is understandable, but they are missing on this chocolate treat!

    Haven't tried this flavor, so thanks for the tip!

  8. waaah! so envious... i could just look at the chocolates whenever we go to a mart. chocolates, i read, make babies more gassy. Soo Ae is already so gassy.. kaasi met.. kkk.. kaasi ak met, kkk...

  9. meron na pala talagang chocolate na dove ang brand....before I can only associate dove sa sabon..matikman nga a dark chocolate lover...masarap din yung sa Royce :)