Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Need A "Meiji" Break!

This week is turning out to be stressful challenging:
  • Traffic was horrible this morning. I-270 was packed and slow.
  • Metro was running so slow; I don't know why.
  • It's been raining since I woke up and the weatherman said it will rain until tonight.
  • My monthly freakin' visitor is so unfriendly. She's not welcome anymore!
  • I have a big meeting next week, and I'm doing majority of the preparation.
  • I am not looking forward to dealing with my KSP coworker. Drama alert all over this one.
Meiji by kayni2010
So pardon me while I savor a bar of milk chocolate before I eat my lunch. This is why I love being a grown-up, I can eat dessert before a meal. If this week is trying for you as well, take a load off and join me for a sweet break. I'd be glad to have some company.


  1. I will join your for sure and we can have a chat. I happen to love chocolate breaks.

  2. i really like to join you... wow, that's a big bar, kkk... but it will make Soo Ae all the more gassy. i don't know anymore what to do and what not to eat or just eat.. she's just too gassy, kkk...

    have a great weekend, Kayni!

  3. I'm joining you in de-stressing. I had a tiring week too after working on a weekend, leaving work at 1am, late nights, at umiyak pa, hayyy.
    Everything's ok on my side now though, sana things are getting better na for you :-)

  4. cheers! i'll also have chocolate! he he! tama ka, we can eat our deserts anytime, with no one telling us, "bawal yan! kainin mo muna kanin mo! he he!

    the weekend's almost here. so i hope you'll have a great one!

  5. nice brown! your picture makes me crave for chocs!

    happy weekend!

  6. i would love to have a "butterfinger" or any chocolate break....kkkkk...but the problem is the chocolates i prefer are very difficult to find in korea

  7. Here's to your Meiji break. Mine is the Meiji Black kind :p

  8. can i join you too i need a break too :)