Non-Traditional Job

Guest post from: Kent Lara

My line of work is pretty non-traditional – I buy and sell websites. Basically, I do a lot of keyword research every day to find out where all the web traffic is going, then I purchase domain names that fit these keywords. When a business owner or company decides they want one of my domain names they have to come to me rather than a registrar. We are usually able to work out a deal that gets me far more than what I paid for the site since its value has increased: now someone wants it.

One of the most important tools at my disposal is private registration, as I don’t want any Joe on the street knowing which domain na! mes I own. Keeping my assets private allows me far greater leverage to cut a deal and it leaves me in a position of power. I know which domains are in my portfolio that a buyer finds valuable, so I’m often able to offer package “deals.” It’s a win/win situation, really. I make a living and big business gets the domain it’s looking for!


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