Thursday, March 31, 2011

Santorini: Cable Or Mule Ride

Alas, the moment arrived. It was time to bid Santorini adieu.

I thought that I can finally cross out Santorini on my travel list, but at that same moment, I realized that I have to put it back on my "must return to visit" list. Santorini is more beautiful than I have imagined. The photos I took couldn't justify the beauty I've seen. In my opinion, Santorini must be experienced in all five human senses. If there's a sixth sense, by all means use it too.
A beauty I'll always remember.
The fastest way to descend from Fira to the harbor is through cable.
We opted for the cable.
Getting tickets for the cable ride.
The cable ride is comfy and fast.
Unless, you're more fit to take the mule path. Here's the pathway from Fira to the old harbor (vice versa). I've seen people hike the whole thing and if you prefer, you can ride a mule through that steep, long and winding path.
 Here's a better photo of the mule path. (Source)
I heard comments that the path is smelly as it is littered with mule droppings. All part of the experience if you're up for it.
A quick ride and we were already at the harbor.


  1. I think that there is a sixth sense with which you can experience a place - it is the sense of imagination and of the past and present mingling into one. I would say it is looking through the physical to the realms of the magical. But that's probably just me being whimsical.

  2. All the Greek isles are part of my must-see list. It's just so expensive to see all of them all at once :)

    Hope you can go back someday.

  3. how beautiful. i want to try the smelly mule path. :D

  4. @ Photo Cache, actually, if you want to see the Greek Isles, a cruise is the way to go. After the cruise you have seen a lot. My only complaint is that you don't spend a lot of time in any one place, but seeing so many places at once gives you a great sense of what is out there and gives you some great ideas on where you would like to see more of and spend more time. And yes, it is expensive, but so worth it; the Greek isles really is one of those great life experiences that everyone should experience.

  5. Beautiful! I'll just take the cable ride just in case, I'm afraid I'm not too fit for the long walk. But seriously, I'd like to experience that smelly trail.

  6. yup - been there and did the smelly mule path :) though was more concerned on not falling off the donkey:)