Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ultimate Wants This Spring and Summer

I've been thinking what I'd want this coming spring and summer. This list helps get my thoughts straight as the season changes. Here are my ultimate wants for spring and summer in no particular order.

* I love the smell and sight of flowers blooming in my bedroom and in my living room. I'd love to see flowers bloom at my garden. Flowers have the ability to make me smile and feel feminine. I still haven't decided what flowers I'd plant on my garden, but I'd like to see some pinks, purples and yellows.
Globe Thistle in full bloom at Williamsburg, VA.

* Last year, my tomatoes were a success. This year, I'd like to add more variety to my vegetable garden. I'm thinking sweet peas, green beans, lettuce, basil, mint and of course, tomatoes. If only I could plant malunggay or ampalaya here.
 Last year's tomato harvest.

* I'm so lucky my house is at the border of two states, so I'd like to explore more of both states this spring and summer. Also, day trips are a great way to enjoy the warm weather and experience the beauty of the mid-atlantic.
Skyline Ridge, VA 

* I still haven't crossed over to the e-books genre; I think I'll never will. I love the smell and feel of books too much. There's just something different about holding a real book on my hand, browsing through the pages, looking at real  ink, and most especially, I love the smell of books especially if they're old, dusty, faded and chipped. The flutter of a book's pages being turned is music to my ears. I have a couple of unread books left but I know I'll be able to read 'em all soon. It would be nice to get some new ones to read and add to my library.

* I'm ready for the next adventure. June trip is already booked and confirmed. There are a few more things to take care of, but the dates are set. Scandinavia here I come!

* I believe stress is the culprit why some nights, sleep hides away from me. I miss those days when I'd sleep for a straight uninterrupted eight hours. I can't seem to calm my mind before and even during my sleep. What can I say, my mind is comparable to a "city that never sleeps." These spring and summer, I'd like more opportunity to nap and get caught up with sleep.

* I gained weight and my wardrobe is in limbo. I'd like to be out walking and exercising more this spring and summer. It's unfair that some people can eat so much yet still look fit. I, on the other hand, would just eat a few slices of bread and it would show up on my butt or thighs. Instead of complaining about it, I choose to be more active and fit.

* I love wearing flip flops. This sunny season, all I want is find that "perfect" pair of flip flops that doesn't cut or cause me pain after a good amount of walking.
 Taken during a tour at the Vatican, I had to wear flip flops because my shoes were soaked during a downpour the day before.

How about you? What are your ultimate wants this spring or summer?


  1. nice list! i love flowers and books well as traveling! ingggit ako sa travels mo!

  2. what a neat idea for a post. i echo all yours too, but i'm going to copy this and post something later.

    oh that scandinavia trip sounds mighty exciting :)

  3. good luck Kayni! i hope you get to do all those things in your list. pahingi ng ani mong tomatoes hehe. favorite ko yan.

    it's autumn here in Sydney but I'm looking forward to the summer in the Phils because, my Husband and I will be vacationing there in April so I'm very excited. ang gusto ko ay magka-bonding ang aming pamilya at kaibigan, kumain ng Jollibee!!! at kung ano-ano pang namiss kong pagkain.

  4. Hmmm I've stopped wishing and planning because I can't control what happens. hehe I mean sure I would love to go out of town but I can't because I need to go for my monthly check up.

    So I just take each day as it dawns and make the most of it! Thank you :D

  5. Look at those tomatoes! So plump. I am inspired to do gardening as well. Pero sa pot lang hihi.

    I want to get fit too. Always in my list. Hahaha!!

  6. Sandals - I always want more sandals :) And I would love a mini-vacation too. And a day at the spa ... Yes I can see there are a number of things that I would love to have.

  7. Sounds like you have many exciting things ahead this season! Soon it will be summer here..I still don't have definite plans but I'll see..:)

  8. the first picture was good..are those flowers?
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