Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Are You Mad At?

Warning: This is a rant.

This is in no relation to the ongoing March Madness (US college basketball), but I thought it's a good idea to list a few things that are making me "mad"  these days.
  • Gas prices - are going up uncontrollably and this is making my work commute expensive. I'm concerned that by tomorrow, gas will be at $5 per gallon (very possible). Hawaii is already at $4 per gallon.
  • Telemarketers - who keep calling and doesn't understand the meaning of NO and I AM NOT INTERESTED. I have these telemarketers who sell minutes for Philippine calls and no matter how many times I've told them politely that I am not interested, they still pester me every night. Now, I just drop their calls.
  • Rude drivers at I-270 - who bully, tailgate, honk their horn at drivers who stay within the speed limit. Pocket that rudeness, respect other drivers and let's share the road.
  • Nonsense reality TV shows - need I say more? Please note that I said "nonsense." There are only a few good reality TV shows out there.
  • Disrespectful neighbors - who steal reserved parking spots and have no respect on personal, private space. Don't buy four cars if you're allotted only two parking spots and don't steal my parking spot because you're too freakin' lazy to park near the street.
  • Irresponsible coworkers - who do not care about their responsibilities, let others take the burden and then get away with it. I demand justice!
  • DC Metro seat hogs - who don't care even if they see the elderly or pregnant women struggling to keep their balance in the train. Seats are for people not for your bags, legs, pizza or any other stuff you're carrying. I hope Metro makes them pay for those extra seats they occupy.
  • Low Platelets - that has been unresponsive and does not care what it's doing to my health and body.
  • People who can't keep their word - there are a people who can talk much but are unable to back their words with action. Sad but true.
  • Greedy people - much to my dismay the green-eyed monster becomes greener in times of special circumstances. This green-eyed monster rears its ugly head especially in times of death or family struggle. How do you deal with such people? Piss off greedy people!
Where did all the nice people go? I miss nice people.


    1. I hear you. These type of people are everywhere it seems.

    2. I think I will have a longer list than you if I have to write what I am mad at. Hahaha!

      Take it easy. Happy Friday!!! =)

    3. That's it rant away, take it off your system!

    4. i was recently mad at a major airline for giving us a hard time trying to get a flight rescheduled because it had a layover in japan.

      i hope you feel better, healthwise and emotionally. :)

      it's friday! :)

    5. i am guilty of secretly enjoying reality tv. i watch Idol, America's Top Model and Project Runway. they are so ridiculously funny at times. :)

      I hope those platelets of yours behave soon, Kayni.

    6. Haha, that's life kayni.
      I agree though with people who can't keep their word, and also hypocrites.

    7. nice people are very rare these days :( unfortunately..

    8. I hoped you felt better after that. Now go get your choco bar and enjoy :)

    9. I hope you feel better na. Hugs for you. :)

    10. Wow!! That was certainly a good venting. I hope it helped to cheer you up. I know that you have had a lot on your mind lately.
      People are gonna be who they are gonna be, not much you v=can do about that. The goal is to pay them as little attention as possible and not worry so much about their bad attitudes and their inability to be civil. Rise about the nonsense and be the better person I know you are.
      Things will get better. :-)