Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day Like Today

Lafayette Park is green. Weather is at 70 degrees. Spring has sprung at the White House.

Today, I ate my lunch at Lafayette Park, sat on a sea of green grass and felt the warm spring sun on my back. My lunch tasted delicious with the perfect weather. Sometimes, all the worries and stress of the day or even the week disappear when it's a day like today. (These photos were taken by my Samsung Gravity phone.)

Workers, students and tourists at lunch time.
Tulips in full bloom.
I met this cute girl near the Tulip garden. Apparently, there's a dog and dog owners tour going on at Lafayette Park.
View of the White House from Lafayette Park.

Happy Friday and I wish everyone a great weekend!


  1. What gorgeous tulips. It looks like spring has coming your way too.

  2. i want to see the white house! i should've take a day trip when i was there! hmp! kung ganyan ang surroundings mo, it would be so easy to realx! :)

  3. Ang nice naman to have lunch surrounded by beautiful flowers. And the White House at the backdrop. How grand! :)