Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memories Of Princeton

My recent trip to Mercer County (New Jersey) became a tour of my former stomping grounds. We visited my favorite hang outs, drove through familiar streets, visited a park I frequented and walked through the college I attended, which I will feature at a later post.

I moved from Hawaii to Jersey because I was given a full scholarship to study Humanities at a college there. My scholarship required me to live with a host family in Princeton. I was welcomed and embraced by a couple in their 60s and two sons who were Princeton students at that time. I was so happy I had an instant second family in Princeton. To this day, I cherish the moments I've spent with this family, as they showered me with love and care during my stay with them. I think this is why Princeton will always have a special place in my heart. As an update about my host family, the husband passed away. I still communicate with Kit, the wife. The two boys have their own families now and are both medical doctors.

Although I did have a wonderful host family, there are times I missed my own family. In times like these, I take a walk and explore Princeton. So today, walk with me as I reminisce good memories of this beautiful place I used to call home.

I love the architecture and design of this shop located at Nassau St.
Nassau Hall, Princeton University.
Tower of Nassau Hall.
The university chapel.
Entry way to East Pyne.
The Cleveland Tower.
A view from one of the buildings.
I took this photo at the Tiger Park Memorial for Edgar Palmer. It didn't occur to me until I was looking at the photos on my computer that there are three famous names I recognize on there. Look for them.


  1. Princeton looks so charming. It has a very old-world feel to it. Very beautiful. I recognise Brooke Shields and Chris Reeves. Not sure who the other famous person is.

  2. It is very healthy for our souls to go back to old haunts. :) I'm glad you were able to do that.

    Btw who is Edgar Palmer?

  3. what a wonderful story! i would love to have experienced that also...studying somewhere else and staying with a foster family. :)

    thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. I love the post Kayni. Feel na feel ko ang pagka-miss mo sa families mo. =)

    At ang ganda ng Princeton, napaka-picturesque.

  5. @ Loree, There's also Queen Noor of Jordan and Wayne Rogers of Mash.

    @ Daphne, Mr. Palmer graduated from Princeton and was heir to a Zinc company in NJ.

  6. beautiful and intricate architecture..