Thursday, April 7, 2011

Part 1: DC's 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival

Every year, the blooming of over 3,000 Cherry Trees would signal Washington's rite of spring, and this is one event I would not want to miss as long as I live in this area.

Battling a cold and a nagging cough, we woke up at 6 a.m. to make the early ride to the nation's capital. In between sniffles and sneezes, I packed my cameras and snacks. Since I wasn't feeling well and didn't get enough sleep the night before, we decided to drive and brave the capital's crazy traffic and roadways; it wasn't too bad in the morning. As soon as we crossed into DC, I was speechless seeing all the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom; they were like dancers in full costume ready to dance as the trees swayed with the breeze and posed with the illuminating morning sun. The nation's capital is stunningly cloaked with the pale pink and white Cherry Blossoms once again.

The National Monument flocked with the blooms.
The Tidal Basin.
Focusing on the Jefferson Memorial.
I thought this certain tree has character, but then again, all of them do.
Curtain of Cherry Blossoms.
I realized that once you're there, you never know when to stop taking photos.
I was hoping to get a reflection of the National Monument, but the water was a little choppy. This photo is one of my entries to the 2011 FotoDC National Cherry Blossom Photo Contest.
The flowers staying away from the water.
White leaves or snow covered trees.
Framing the National Monument.


I am hosting a Cherry Blossom Festival Giveaway at my other blog, Kassidy's Notes, so hop in there for a visit and join.


  1. simply spectacular. you can link this to tomorrow's photo hunt where the theme is trees.

  2. @ Photo Cache, Thank you for letting me know. I'll do that :).

  3. I am speechless. Your photos are stunning.

  4. @ Loree, Thank you. I was in awe the whole time I was there.

  5. wow.. beautiful pictures Kayni.. Spring is my favourite season of all -- so many beautiful things to see and seeing life awakens after the long winter.. also Spring reminds me so much of my hometown Baguio.. forever spring weather.. of course except during typhoon season ;)

  6. very beautiful shots! frame-worthy. but in two weeks they'll be gone!

  7. @ Vitchie, I guess the Cherry Blossoms bloom once a year so that they'll get the most of the attention :).

    @ dameoiselle, Thank you.

  8. kayni, are all cherry blossom there white?

    amazed ako talaga! is it possible to visit the US when there is snow and cherry blossoms at the same time? :)

  9. one of my dreams is to witness first-hand the things that are caught in your camera. just lovely. =)

  10. very beautiful! the photos are indeed stunning..i like it very much!