Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Santorini: Skala Pier

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Skala Pier or Santorini's Old Port has a life of its own. While we waited for our boat back to the ship, we kept ourselves busy with the trinket shops and relaxed at the cozy seaside caf├ęs. Apart from last minute souvenir shopping, I was also intrigued with these houses built within the island's rock.
Door and windows to where?
Boat docked at the port.
The Old Harbor
Watching the cable run back and forth.
A better photo of the house built in the rock.
I thought this was really cool. I wonder what's it like to live in there.
A glimpse back as our boat left the port.
I found this last night. The zig zag path I was referring to as the mule path on my previous post.


  1. I would love to stay in one of those houses, I'm sure there are accommodations that are on the cliff like this.

    Stunning captures. I would be continuously pinching myself to make sure I was there if I were you :)

  2. @ Photo Cache, I admit. I really fell-in-love with Santorini.

  3. Fabulous shots. It must feel so amazing to live in a house which is part of the cliff.

  4. Wow lovely pictures. I like the contrast of the blue doors with the white facade of those houses carved in the mountains. Very Santorini! :)

  5. oo nga no, the house built in the rock is cool! i also wonder how it feels to live in that house.. and in that scenic place!

  6. It would be so nice to live along Santorini's coast lines, and the blue skies and the sun kissing the houses make it even more relaxing.

  7. I really wish to visit this beautiful place someday :) I also wonder how it is like inside the stone house. Must be cold and damp like a cave? Hehe Thank you for sharing your photos :)

  8. I get nostalgic when I see photos of Greece and adjacent islands, always reminds me of my dad who sends me postcards from all over the world...Greece was special for him. (checking out your other blog)

  9. P.S. Those are 2 of my kids in the photo :)

    I added your other blog on my list under photo blogs, is that ok?

  10. hello uli, here is the link http://cherryblossom.fotodc.org/

  11. very cool places! did you upgrade your camera? you take more colorful shots now, postcard-like really...