Monday, May 9, 2011

Corfu's Achilleion Palace II

While visiting Achilleion, there were three things that I consider memorable and striking during my visit: (1) statues - especially of Achilles and Sissy; (2) fresco of The Triumph of Achilles; and, (3) the palace interior.

One of the most dramatic statues I've seen during this visit, is this interpretation of the dying Achilles.
This statue was created by Ernst Herter in 1884, Achilles Dying.
 A closer look at Achilles' helmet.
Another interesting statue at the palace pond.
The original painting on canvas was by Franz Matsch, an Austrian artist. This painting which can be viewed at the palace is called The Triumph of Achilles. It depicts the mighty yet angelic Achilles dragging the body of Hector around the walls of Troy at the back of his chariot. This is Matsch own interpretation of an episode from Homer's The Iliad.
I love how the statues are so life-like especially their facial expressions.
Finally, we meet Elizabeth "Sissy," Empress of Austria.
I think she's beautiful.


  1. europeans do know how to create statues.

  2. The statue of the Dying Achilles is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me a bit of a statue at the Capitol Museum in Rome called the Dying Galatian. It is also stunning.

  3. i love the one of achilles. is that a spear on his heel?

    i agree with photo cache, europeans do know how to create statues. for me, they are such artistic people!

  4. any idea what Achilles' helmet means?

  5. there is something with the photos that i cannot decribe hehehe although maganda cya and ang mga poses hehehe.

  6. I love to drop in your blog and read it, 'cause it's all interesting and informative. Love the the shots too.