Friday, May 6, 2011

Tulips, Tulips And Tulips

Yes, it is that time of year when Tulips take the center stage. I LOVE Tulips and judging from the different varieties available out there, they look like pixies in multi-colored sundresses. Last weekend, we were at the Hershey Gardens to witness the blooming of over 45,000 Tulips.

Sadly, we only had 30 minutes to take photos at the garden. Apparently, they were hosting a Biergarten that day and they were closing the garden for the event. Although I was disappointed and sad that I couldn't stay longer to enjoy the Tulips, my heart lighted up when I saw the gardens draped in colorful, fully bloomed Tulips. I did observe that the blooms last year were more robust. This is probably because we've gotten a lot of rain this spring.

Nevertheless, here are the Tulips of Hershey Gardens, Pennsylvania.

These purple Tulips are the hardest ones to take photos of. They have a certain glare whenever I take a shot.

Happy Mother's Day to all wonderful mothers in the world!
These Tulips are for you.


  1. I am in awe of their colourful beauty. Gorgeous shots.

  2. huwaw! ang gaganda talaga. i think i missed the blooming here in the west coast.

  3. i love the colors. they evoke happiness. :)

  4. nice ;)i like it... I saw a video of my friend in Denmark and tulips are so lovely...

  5. pretty colors!!! :D
    reminds me of the tulip library in DC :D those are probably the only tulips i ever saw in person hahaha
    great shots, btw!

  6. I love the colors! so feminine..:)