Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg

No matter how many times I visit, Colonial Williamsburg remains a favorite place for me for weekend getaways. I am amazed at how the 18th century capital came to life in these modern times. In there, you can extract yourself from our current century and live, walk, eat and interact just like in colonial times.

It's late spring but humidity was surprisingly oppressive and stifling when we were there, but the weather didn't put a damper on our plans on experiencing Williamsburg.

The gardens at Williamsburg are in bloom.
Flowers are abundant and so are vegetables and spices.
Colonial houses.
Well maintained gardens and homes.
I took this photo because I love how the tree seems to frame that little house.
I think this is the guardhouse.
My favorite subject to photograph - purple round flowers.
The armory.
The Governor's Palace. This might look simple in the outside, but take a tour inside and you'll be amazed.
One of the actors getting ready for the night walks.
The roof of the Governor's Palace.
Closer shot of the Palace.
This is our tour guide inside the Capital Building.
Interior of the Capital Building.
Capital Building's interior - This is where crimes are tried.

Our tour guide for our visit inside the Prison.
Beautiful renovated colonial houses.


  1. it's a charming little destination. is this like park where you enter it and all these structures are there and when you go out "real life" happends with all the fastfood and shopping and hotels?

  2. What a beautiful place. I think I would absolutely love it. Need to make sure we visit Williamsburg when we are next in the US.
    BTW, the frames on my Venice post came from Picnik - it's a great photo editing site and it is FREE :)

  3. indeed a beautiful place to visit. kahit ako hindi magsasawang bumalik balik jan. the place is so refreshing.

  4. do "real people" live there? :)

    i love the place. yan ang tipo long lugar. and when i have a house, i want those wooden fences too!

  5. would be nice to live here, even in the smallest house, it's like living in a beautiful park! and in another timeline.. hmmm..

  6. @ Photo Cache, the town of Williamsburg is a park itself and there are no fast food within that area.

    @ Grace, Yes, it is a living park. Real people live there. I think they're lucky because the area is beautiful.

  7. The park's beautiful, I love how the houses are preserved. Akala ko nga viewing park lang, and I love that little white house. Parang ang sarap tumira. The place is serene and relaxing. :)

    And I don't wonder why it's one of your faves! :)

  8. My kind of place. I want to have my photo taken with the guides. :)

  9. Kayni and KG, I have always loved white wooden fences. I might have my house decorated and surrounded by that, hehe.

  10. I love how the plants grow so neat..and how the place is maintained..

  11. I love your shots. They're just so happy =)

    You must be in your vacation now. Hope you're having a great one!

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    Salamat! Keep blogging. Nakakatuwa entries mo!

  13. i remember colonial williamsburg! first major road trip i ever took as a newcomer in the states back then. we really enjoyed busch gardens, too. :P