LP: Basa (Wet)

Mukhang nagtampisaw siya kaya't basa ang kanyang botas.

He looked like he played at the pond and his boots got wet.

Siguro na enganyo siya sa Hershey Garden fountain na ito. Nakakaaliw kasing pagmasdan.

He must have been curious to check out the beautiful Hershey Garden fountain.

Ang tawag sa rebultong ito ay Ang Bata at ang kanyang Tumatagas na Bota" o The Boy with a Leaking Boot. Siya ay matatagpuan sa Hershey Gardens ngayon. Wala akong kaalam-alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng rebultong ito, pero sa aking pananaliksik, ito ang aking napagalaman:
The Boy with the Leaking Boot (sometimes known as The Boy with the Leaky Boot) is a statue showing a young boy, with a bare right foot, holding up his right boot and looking at it. The statue is about four feet tall, and in many cases forms a fountain, with water emerging from the toe of the boot. The origins of the statue are obscure. The boy is reported to be a young Italian newspaper seller who drowned, or an American army drummer-boy who carried water in his leaking boot to help fallen comrades or a young fire-fighter either using his boot in a bucket chain or emptying his boot after an incident, or possibly none of these. The statue has also been called Boy Immigrant and Unfortunate Boot (Source)


  1. what a fun statue. i like humorous works of art like this.

  2. Me too! Love this, I wonder who's behind this piece.

  3. Interesting. AT first glance I thought it was a real boy haha. The statue can draw many versions that's why it has a lot of names..:)

  4. oo nga, ang cute! nung unang picture kala ko tunay na ;-)

  5. Medyo disturbing, kung naglalakad ka sa dilim at naaninag mo lang yung statue. hehehe.

  6. @ Photo Cache, I agree. This statue has humor in it.

    @ Mirage, Thank you.

    @ Cel, I agree. I think they make sure that boy is always painted because the paint/color on him never fades.

    @ Lino, Thank you.

    @ Dinah, I agree. Cute siya :)

    @ Iris, Ay oo, matatakot ka kapag sa gabi mo makikita yan tapos di mo alam na may statue sa pond...lol.

  7. kaktuwa naman ng bata na yan. sino kaya ang gumawa. Nice shots! maligayang LP!


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