Monday, June 13, 2011

On Travel

My apologies for the absence of posts and visits/comments on your blogs. I've been away on travel and will be blogging regularly soon. For now, I'll say a quick Hej (Hello in Danish).

A few thoughts:
  • Copenhagen - really beautiful with all its castles and gardens.
  • St. Petersburg - grand, lavish and impressive.
  • Helsinki - elfish, whimsical and Santa seems to be everywhere.
  • Stockholm - friendly and lots of flowers.
  • Tallinn - a lot of walking, ate bear, elk meat with blackberry juice.
  • Berlin - hot and historical.
  • Potsdam - great Prussian palaces.
I'm excited to share my photos soon. Farvel.


  1. Wow sounds like quite a trip. Hope to see pictures soon.

  2. I'm looking forward to everything, given those interesting details! Especially Helsinki. :)

  3. And I'm excited to read about your travel. Enjoy and stay well :)

  4. Excited about St. Petersburg. Can't wait. Happy travel =)

  5. enjoy kayni! but don't forget to share some pictures later.

  6. your photos are so good kayni! very cool! i want to travel out of the country na din!