Thursday, June 30, 2011

Postcards From Germany

Here are a mixture of photos I took while touring Berlin, Warnemunde and Potsdam. A few of these photos I took while riding a bus or train. When I'm traveling, there's this desire to capture every interesting place, sign, road or people along the way. Do you feel the same? Anyway, here are a few postcards from Germany:

Ships docked at Warnemunde Port

The red roof houses of Warnemunde district.

The train we took to Berlin.

Berlin Wall

This TV Tower is visible wherever you are in Berlin.


Where are we going?

Reichstag Building

Tower of the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) one of the buildings at the Gendarmenmarkt.

Konzerthaus or Concert Hall located at the Gendarmenmarkt.

I don't remember where we stopped for lunch, but I remember this basket of pretzels and a lady sitting beside me who can't stop chatting.

Then a big plate of sausages, roasted pork, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

I was thinking that next time, we'll tour Berlin on bikes.


  1. Oh I love seeing all these different sights. That's the beauty of photographs you get to hold on to your memories forever.

  2. You are so right. When I am on holiday I ant to capture everything on my camera like I want to take the place with me and never forget it.

  3. I love taking photos too..I'm just wishing to have a dslr someday, I want to upgrade my old point and shoot..:)

  4. Oh wow, just look at those pretzels! :)

  5. The pictures are truly postcard material! Love it!

  6. @ Photo Cache and Loree, Absolutely, I have to be dragged in order to stop taking

    @ Cel, I got a dslr for my birthday this year and been loving it since. It takes some adjustments but I'm getting better now. I hope you'll get yours too.

    @ Kate and Sheng, Thank you.

  7. yes, layni, i fel the same way about wanting to capture everything! :)

    i would also love to tour a place on bike. i remember amsterdam and paris,they those too. :)

  8. @ Kg, I think Paris would be perfect for a bike tour :).

  9. lovely photos Kayni.

    Sayang hindi ako natuto mag bike, yan kasi yung isa sa mga hindi ko nagawa sa Aus...ang mag bike hehehe. :-)

    Happy Weekend

  10. just beautiful. the beauty of travelling you get to take photos of places and things around it. and sometimes you'll get surprised na meron pala nun duon hehehe.

  11. thank you for bringing me to Germany. such a lovely place and the skies so blue. the place looks so clean.

    kudos for taking wonderful photos. :)

  12. you're right. i, too, cannot stop taking pictures of everything when i travel.

    i love the second picture. the colorful houses are simply lovely.

  13. loving all these travel photos, thanks for sharing glimpses of europe!