Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colors Of Maui

If given the chance, I'd LOVE to visit Maui again. I'd like to drive through the winding, treacherous and breathtaking Hana Highway, breathe in the dewy mountain air and the seaweed scented ocean breeze. 

Also, I can't forget the spectacular display of flowers and their bursting colors. And talk about Rainbows, check this photo I took while ascending Haleakala Volcano.

 This was just the beginning of the journey of colors - Hana Highway.

  Driving through Hana Highway, our first visit was at the Garden of Eden. This is the Banana greeting that welcomes you at the entrance.


L-R: Cup of Gold, Anthurium, Starfruit and Birds of Paradise

Tropical flowers offer a feast of colors.

Breathtaking views. Recognize one of them from the movie Jurassic Park?

Also, if you visit this place, you'll get to meet Pepper, the resident dog at the Garden of Eden.


  1. A place so full of color...:) It must be a 'colorful' experience..:)

  2. so lovely!!! nice place! banana 3 for 1usd? expensive huh...

  3. beautiful colors and wow sa star fruit :D I like!

  4. kayni, you know what, i looks like the philippines...with the bananas, the flowers and the waters! :)

    i'd love to go to hawaii!

  5. Wow, I saw a star fruit (balimbing)! Mr. Doggy is cute!

  6. i'd like to eat one of those yellow and red flower-looking fruit. they look very nutritious!