Friday, July 8, 2011

Helsinki's Sibelius Monument

After the Temppeliaukion Kirkko, we rode the bus en route to the Sibelius Monument. This is one of the coolest monuments I've ever seen. You can sit and stare at this structure the whole day and let your mind surmise its meaning or its significance. A monument to honor national composer, Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), the monument at first glance reminds me of a pipe organ. Maybe I was compelled to think so since Sibelious is a composer of music. This monument was a result of two competitions added with a heated public debate. In the end, it was Eila Hiltunen who won the competition and was commissioned to build this monument.

Sibelius Monument was unveiled on September 7, 1967.

Apparently, this wasn't part of Hiltunen's design. The Monument Committee requested a "figurative element" to be added - Sibelius' face during his creative age. This face was drawn by architect Juhani Kivikoski.

...the Sibelius Monument consists of approx. 600 acid-proof stainless steel tubes of various diameters, welded together individually and hand-textured by Eila Hiltunen. While several specialists were consulted on metallurgy, structural calculations and welding methods, the physical accomplishment of this structure, which measures 10.5 (length) by 6.5 (depth) by 8.5 (height) meters and weighs 30 tons, is the work of two people, Eila Hiltunen and assistant-metalworker Emil Kukkonen.(Source)
After visiting the Sibelius Park, we walked towards the back and found this peaceful lake.

Helsinki's weather in June is mild and pleasant. Given more time, I would have gladly spent my day having a picnic here.

Cafe by the lake.

And if you're paying attention, I've got new sneakers :).


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  1. that is what happens if you blog long enough and travel just enough. it becomes your travel journal. look how worth a thousand words metamorphosed into a travel journal as well :)

    helsinki is very mysterious to me. i don't see enough pictures of it to form an impression.

    this trip of yours is helping me form an impression of this capital city.

  2. Wonderful shots! Very nice place to visit! Love the monument which looks like a pipe organ too!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice and happy weekend****

  3. i wonder what those metal tubes represent...

  4. They made a great and unique monument.
    I wonder what it's like inside the cafe by the lake haha..It must be very relaxing hanging out there..:)

  5. i just got your paper airplane letter today! what a surprise! and i have seen that stationery somewhere before. :) thanks for taking time to send me a note!

    that monument is indeed monumental! they look like giant flutes!

    did you see moomin valley in finland?