Monday, July 4, 2011

Helsinki's Temppeliaukion Kirkko

Travel in Europe is so convenient especially if you're planning to visit more than one country.  European countries are blessed with land borders yet it's amazing that you can still discern the differences between countries especially their language and traditions. I think this is because each citizen maintains a strong loyalty to their own birth country and to their own traditions. Another thing that amazes me is that, most of the people I met in Europe speak at least two to five languages.

Anyway, after visiting a few cities in Germany, we set foot on Helsinki, Finland. We decided to do the hop-on, hop-off bus and we found it to be very convenient. Also, Helsinki is an easy and friendly city to explore. I found the language so hard to understand and the signs/spellings really threw me off.

Street signs.

Lovely street.

I like how this building looks like a dome.

We arrived early at the temple and it was still closed. This is the entrance.

While waiting for the temple to open, we sat and relaxed at this garden located at the entrance.

When we finally entered the temple, I was filled with awe.

The church's walls are made of rocks. This is the altar - so simple yet the temple has a certain commanding presence that it is a place of worship.

I love how the rays of the sun shines freely inside the church.

According to the brochure, this Lutheran church was blasted out of solid rock.

The roof of the temple.

I couldn't get a good photo of how the temple looks like from atop, so here are three postcards I bought at a nearby shop.

If you are interested in great architecture or just want to find a place to worship or pray, I recommend this place.


  1. I can relate when you said differences in languages among European countries can still be discerned. I have been working with them for some years now, and the easiest I can recognize of accents are the Scots. Include Germans too since majority of my colleagues now are them.

    The Church is indeed a great architecture, very unique at that...

  2. thanks for taking us to Helsinki! the temple looks amazing

  3. AMAZING! first time i've read on helsinki. i kove that you took us there kayni. ang ganda!

    that temple is amazing. i love how it is so natural. but it doesn't look like a regular temple ano?

  4. @ Kate, Yes, it's one of the coolest churches I've ever seen.

    @ Gremliness, Well said, I'm getting better at discerning accents as well...even handwriting :)

    @ Princess Ody, And thank you for visiting.

    @ Kg, It doesn't look like a regular temple at all. I would love to attend mass here. I heard that this is a great place for concerts too.