Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LP: Malaya (Free)


Sa Waimea Beach, Hawaii, parang may hinihintay sila...

(At Waimea Beach, Hawaii, everyone's  standing still and waiting for something...)

Ano kaya ang hinihintay nila? (What are they waiting for?)

Talon! (Jump!)

Kung sila'y tumatalon at nasa himpapawid, kitang-kita ko ang kanilang kalayaan. Kalayaan na lumipad at magpakasaya kahit sa ilang segundo man lang. Ako ay naiinggit dahil sa isang aplastic anemic na tulad ko, hindi ito puwede dahil kung may mangyari sa akin na trauma sa tubig o sa mga bato bato sa paligid, ay maaari ko itong ikamatay. Tulad nila, ako'y naghihintay na gumaling at makawala sa aking hawla. At sana sa susunod, ako ay malayang tatalon sa bato na ito.

When I see them jump off this rock, I see their joy and excitement. They relish their air time even if it lasts only for a few seconds. I envy them because for someone with aplastic anemia like me, a jump like this could be fatal. I am still waiting to jump. I am waiting to be free and be healed of this disease. I dream of being free from this cage and maybe next time, I'll be the one jumping off from this rock.


  1. Am too afraid to jump off the cliff. Did you try this?

  2. I am scared to jump sometimes but other times, it feels really good.

  3. Kumusta?

    You'll be well, I can feel your faith :) Yes, we look forward to see you triumph, and take your chance to splash the waters from up there too :)

  4. I did try jumping something like this sometime the other year but it took me awhile to gather all the courage I could have. Sana, gumaling ka na agad. maligayang LP!

  5. I commend you for such a positive spirit. :)

  6. ahhh! nakakatakot naman parang ang taas-taas nya. hindi pa naman ako marunong lumangoy.

  7. Not sure I can do that. I just barely jumped from a diving board a few months ago for the first time. lol

  8. i remember watching a show wherein this activity had a deadly outcome. one of those who jumped bumped his head on the rocks....scary!

  9. @ Photo Cache, Would love to do this, but I can't for now.

    @ Gremliness, Ok and taking each day at a time. Thank you so much for the faith and encouragement.

    @ Maritess, Maraming salamat.

    @ Cel, Thank you.

    @ Ping-I, It must have been fun jumping off a diving board. How high was it?

    @ Kg, Yes, there were a few who died on that same rock in Hawaii.