Friday, July 29, 2011

Maui's Hana Highway

I think that visiting Maui is incomplete if you have not driven through and survived Hana Highway. Here, you'll experience one lane bridges, sharp and tight turns and nervous inducing rocky cliffs. Setting aside the gripping part of the adventure, you'll be amazed that every turn through this lustrous green forests and mountains leads you to spectacular views, hidden waterfalls, unexpected dead ends and sometimes you feel the thrill that you're going to drive off straight to the blue and beautiful Pacific.
Highway 36 is one of the most famous highways in the country, but most know it by a different name: the Road to Hana. The trip is 52 miles of winding roads with 1-lane bridges, hairpin turns and stunning landscapes of rocky cliffs, plunging waterfalls and rolling valleys. The ride takes about 3 hours, but you'll want the whole day to linger. (Source here.)
Put on your seat belts and let's take a drive to Hana Highway!


  1. you are dangling a piece of tuna fish infront of a hungry cat - i love these shots. i would love to experience hawaii.

  2. so in short para ka ding nag roller coaster? he he!

    but the views are great!