My Big Break

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

When I broke my collarbone playing pickup soccer last year I had a really hard time recovering. I was more or less bedridden for about 4 months and I’m very active, so saying it was hard for me to stay laid up is an understatement. The first few weeks I had a lot of visitors who helped make the time pass but after that stopped and I had tons of different books I’d burned through I went to and decided it was time for me to get satellite. I spent the rest of the time watching old movies and healing myself back to health and after what felt like years, my collarbone was finally good enough for me to walk on again. The good news is, now I feel stronger than ever and I’m back to my old ways at the gym all the time but for those few months I really learned what it meant to get in touch with my leisurely side. Thank goodness for some much needed R&R!