Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Imagination

couple and rose

Like sun worshipers, the beautiful roses basked in the summer heat while flower fairies alighted from each bloom rejoicing in every pollen sticking to their wings and tiny feet.

It was a busy day.

The fairies fluttered their wings sprinkling color on every flower, stretching every crooked petal, gently opening those that are not bloomed, collecting buckets of fresh dew while the others sat on the leaves playing music.

The whimsical world seem to exist on its own, unaware and unknowing that two people are sealing their love amongst the roses.


  1. Who are they? So solemn and quiet. What a lovely wedding that is. I wish I could have one like that, again.

  2. What a pretty setting for a wedding.


  3. it's quiet moments like this that make a wedding more memorable. best wishes and lots of luck to the couple :)

  4. ang ganda naman ng setting!

    sana pwede sa roman catholic yan. he he! wishful thinking!

  5. Ganda-ganda naman! :) Kumusta ka na sis? It's been a while...

  6. beautiful place. so sirene. i want to lye down on the grass.

  7. @ Sheng, I don't know them. They happen to be passing through when I was busy taking photos of the roses. They're the lucky couple who booked their June wedding at Hershey Gardens.

    @ Kepi, Yes it was.

    @ Photo Cache, I like the idea of a garden wedding too.

    @ Cel, I agree.

    @ Onyxx, I agree.

    @ G, I'm well. I missed you sis.

    @ Upto6only, It was the perfect, intimate place to wed.