Late for Carpool

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I was logged onto the security choice website this afternoon when it hit me: I completely forgot about carpool this afternoon! I jumped up quickly and realized at I was twenty-minutes late. With the traffic and the ride to the school, I just knew I would end up being forty-five minutes late. All I could think about were my kids sitting underneath the awning with the neighbors. I don’t know what happened to me. In six years of sharing a carpool, I have never missed my pick up day. I felt like Bruce Jenner when he forgot to pick up his kids on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. It was completely mortifying. When I finally got there and picked up the kids, the safety patrol guard and teacher were sitting there tapping their feet. The kids hopped in the car and were giving me a hard time about being late. I decided to take the kids to McDonald’s (a trip we never make) to make them happy. A dozen chicken nuggets and an hour on the play place later. The kids were happy again. They laughed and said they wish I were late more often!