Friday, September 30, 2011

My Mind Is "Some Place"

These days, I find it tough to blog.

My mind is just "some place" and although I've been wanting to update this blog, I still have tons of photos to share from my last trip, the desire is not there. Perhaps because I have so much in my mind regarding my coming treatment. For the time being, I'll post my thoughts in bullets:
  • My acid reflux seems to be improving, as I am getting better in channeling my stress. Although I'm still a bit anxious about my coming treatment. Read this post in case you dont' know. I'll be seeing my hematologist this coming Monday.
  • Positive thinking is still an everyday practice yet sometimes I can't help it when my mind goes astray to "what ifs."
  • Six more days and Mom is here. Kepi and I have been preparing the guest room for her. I am so excited.
  • This weekend, we'll be moving in some furniture. Fun stuff!
  • Cleaned my closet last night and put away the summer clothes. Sweaters, knee-high socks and coats are in!
  • I smell Apple picking season.
  • Grad school is going well. I just need to catch up on some of my readings.
  • I badly miss coffee. Coffee is a no, no if you have acid reflux. 
I hope everyone is doing well and that we're all looking forward to October.


  1. Hope your treatment goes well. Glad to hear your acid reflux is improving. No socks or coats here yet. It will be a while. Have a great weekend and take care.

  2. wish you well with your coming treatment... :)
    my prayers are for you.. God bless

  3. Take care and I hope the treatment is what's going to cure you.

    Enjoy your time with your mom.

  4. I hope you get well soon! My prayers are with you.

  5. I hope you are doing well. I keep you in my thoughts always. I will be moving to DC at the end of the year/beginning of 2012. We should possibly try to get together when you are able to and feel up to it.

    I have never had acid reflux, but I know people who have. I was diagnosed just recently with Barrett's esophagus, which is caused by severe, chronic GERD and may lead to cancer. Ironic that I've never had Gerd. Another worry :( Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for a upper GI scope (endoscopy) if your reflux gets worse after treatment.

    Stay positive and strong!