Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old Town Tallin's Shops and Restaurants

As I mentioned in my previous post, the shops at Tallin's Old Town are charming and such a delight to visit. I love that their crafts are handmade and are authentically Estonian. One of my pet-peeves is seeing souvenirs sold in a country like for example Germany but their souvenirs are made in China (just an example). Just my opinion, but it doesn't make sense buying a souvenir if the souvenir is not made in the country I'm visiting.

A cobblestone street in the Old Town.

Old Town's market square.

One of the well-known restaurants in the area - Olde Hans - that serves authentic Estonian cuisine.

A peek into the Master's Courtyard - full of craft shops.

Shops at the Master's Courtyard offering handmade items and souvenirs.

How would you like to eat here?

Another restaurant.

I think this one is cute - a pig window box.

Another charming craft shop.


  1. you could totally be a professional photographer kayni cause you always get the best angles. keep your posts and awesome photos coming!

  2. @ bittersweet, thank you. i do love photography and have been thinking of doing it for a living. i'm still trying to figure out the "how" part.

  3. oh i love how charming this old town is.

    made in china souvenirs are my pet peeves as well. i avoid them like plagues.

  4. I agree with you about souvenirs. I think it's a let down when they are made in China. Beautiful photos. I really liked the one of the Master's Courtyard.

  5. @ Photo Cache, Me too.

    @ Loree, Yes, the Master's Courtyard is really nice especially that you can see craftsmen working on their pieces.

  6. wow!! so great! love your shots ;) and place was so rustic :)

  7. The pinky piggy window box really made me smile :-) Thank you!

  8. Estonia is so quaint! :) Great shots Kayni! Bittersweet is right, you can be a professional one.

  9. Nice photos kayni. Very rustic ng place.

    When I was in Syd and Melb, souvenirs were from china...pati din pla dito sa Doha