Friday, October 21, 2011

Tallin's Olde Hansa

You have to taste a host country's food, that's the beauty of travel.

While visiting Tallin, I really wanted to eat authentic Estonian food, so we walked around the old city to find something that would fit our budget and our taste buds.  We passed through Olde Hansa a couple of times, checked out the other restaurants but we decided to go back to Olde Hansa anyway; we made the right decision.

Olde Hansa had the right medieval feel and the servers were so warm and welcoming; they were also wearing medieval clothing. The restaurant was lighted with old lamps and candles, Estonian music played in the background, the hard wood tables flickered with the candlelight and the walls brightly festooned with draperies. It was the perfect place to fill our empty stomachs, rest our achy feet and wipe our sweaty brows and paws.

Walking around to find a place to eat.

I love the draperies, the lamps and candles.

The servers taking a break.

Candles lighted the stairs to the restrooms. I love the soot all over the wall.

Menus by candlelight.

This stall sells roasted nuts.

 I had a glass of Blackberry juice which was really delicious.

 Kepi had the bear meat. He said the meat was delicious and compares bear meat with beef only a littler gamier in taste.

I had the Wild Boar meat. The meat was tender and really tasty. I will definitely have this again and the berries really complemented this dish.

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Thank you to those who kept checking on me.


  1. oh i love the ambiance of the restaurant. i'm sure for a brief moment you were transported to the king arthur days. i love it.

  2. I had no inkling about Estonian food but now I know through your post!
    Bear meat? Whoa I'm not sure I will be bold enough to taste that. I'm not too adventurous when it comes to my palette. hehe

  3. love reading your post.
    love watching the photos. feeling ko kasama ako sa trip mo:-)
    kalami sa food:-)

  4. Cool! I love the uniform of the servers. Very medieval.

  5. wow, this is rare. first time ko makabasa about estonian food. the place seems great...malamang feeling estonian ka din!

  6. I wonder how Estonian food tastes like :D What a lovely place. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I love visiting your blog, all the traveling and photos behind are wonderful. :)d

  8. I have a hard time trying new food. I will try new desserts without a problem though :)

  9. Hmm lucky for you to taste Estonian food. The place is beautiful, because i love candles..and really looks so cool. Different and unique compared to modern establishments. And those outfits? cool...:)

  10. i would love for a chance to visit Eastern Europe someday -- it has such a rich culture and a complex history. i'm not sure about bear meat though