Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just An Update

With Friday as Veteran's Day, it's a three-day weekend here and I am ecstatic. Although I've been feeling quite down due to my health issues, I am finding the simple pleasures in life that make me smile again:

* Kepi surprising me with a bouquet of flowers and a card at home. It's a wonderful feeling to come home and be surprised.  Thank you, Kepi.
    * Mom getting me this cute coin purse. I love it! I bring it with me even if I don't have any coins at the moment. Thank you, Mom.

      * Spending the weekend in New York City - I can't wait to walk around Times Square, visit the Rockefeller Center, eat NY Pizza and maybe spend a cool, crisp, fall afternoon exploring Central Park.
        * Having lunch at Max's Chicken in New Jersey. I also would love to pick up some Filipino pastries and sweets at the Philippine Bread House. A bunch of Ensaymada would be nice.
          * Downloading new Christmas songs from iTunes. It seems that Christmas songs do wonders to my soul. I just love listening to them. 
            * Planning for the holidays. I can't wait to put up the tree this year and also get started with my Christmas shopping. I am tapping my fingers for Black Friday.
              * Preparing holiday cards for mailing.

              * Surviving the first semester in grad school, I only have two final papers to go.

              * Trying to manage my treatment well and positivity is slowly seeping into my every day life.

              I hope everyone's doing well. Alohas!


                    1. put up your tree na!!! :)

                      enjoy the weekend in NY!

                    2. "...positivity is slowly seeping into my every day life."

                    3. Woot! Max fried chicken :D I wonder if it tastes the same as the one we have here. Good luck on your papers :)

                      btw, could you e-mail me your addy? would love to send you a card. (meowbykate at gmail)

                    4. I like that purse! I will have to check who i'm gonna be sending christmas cards too! Haha!

                    5. i love the purse very much. i also haven't put up any Christmas decors yet. hopefully by next week i can find time to finally start decorating the house. ah, i'm now craving for peppermint candies.. huhu!

                    6. you are doing so much for someone who's supposedly "sick" - you are a fine example.

                      i'm excited for the holidays too, but black friday is something i avoid like plague. too many people, can't handle all the chaos :)

                    7. happy to visit here
                      from Turkey :)