Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Milan And The Mal Educata Filipinas

I visited Milan in 2010, but I never got around to posting these photos until now.

Kepi and I spent most of our time in Venice, but we decided to hop on the train to Milan to visit an old friend and high school classmate, Vids. It was an emotional meeting as it's been ten years since I last saw her. After the unending hugs at the train station, we took the hop-on and hop-off bus to explore Milan.

We spent most of the bus ride just chatting. There were so many things to say. After all, stories and gossips repressed for years must come out. There were so many updates to be said - about former classmates, friends of old and who married who. We were busily chatting when an Italian lady told us sternly to shut-up. Okay, so Vids and I lowered our voice to a whisper and kept on talking anyway. The bus is a tourist bus filled with all sorts of people talking and laughing, but it bothers me that she singled us out. Also, her companion and herself were also loud in the bus. After a few minutes, the Italian lady stood up and started shouting, "Mal educata, Filippino!" (Bad mannered, Filipino!)

I was in total shock.

Vids got up and started a word fight with the woman. It's a good thing Vids is well-versed in Italian. I was shaking with anger and shock because no one has ever treated me that way. It was a good three minutes of word fight. When we reached our next stop, Vids, Kepi and I decided to get off the bus.

That's my story of Milan and the mal educata Filipinas. I think this is one reason why it took me longer to post my Milan adventure, as I was waiting for my shock and anger to subside. I've been trying to forget about that Milan incident and although it has given me a taste of how some people can be racist, that won't stop me from seeing my friend again and of course enjoying beautiful Milan.

Caffe Latte from Milan's McDonalds

Inside Duomo di Milano

One of the most beautiful cathedrals I've seen - Duomo di Milano

We took the elevators to check out the top of the Duomo. It's really beautiful up there.

An interesting statue I saw at the Duomo.

Gargoyle and on the bottom right is the Madonnina.

The top is filled with spires and I found it hard to photograph.

The roof is known for its pinnacles and spires, set upon delicate flying buttresses.

And yes, we watched the sunset on the roof.  A wonderful way to experience Milan.


  1. I've never been to Milan. The cathedral is really beautiful.

  2. What a sad experience. Just shake it off.

    Wow, how beautiful is Milan. It's actually not in my must-see in Italy :)

    I do have some stuff in my photo albums that haven't been blogged.

  3. What a crazy woman! But sadly, I can't say that I haven't experienced bad treatment (because I'm a Filipino) when traveling. I think it's because we are resented for taking jobs. Not sure, but it could be a reason. Anyway, hope this incident didn't spoil your vacation.

  4. very beautiful photos Kayni... really wow!

    i also encountered a very rude and racist old man in the subway. since alex and i had a quarrel before taking hte subway, we seated far apart from each other. an old man stood up in front of me and i didn't notice him right away. i looked around but the younger korean men were all pretending to be asleep or reading something so i stood up. "where are you from?" the old man bellowed at me and i said "from the philippines." i actually expected he'd praise me, a non korean for giving up my seat for him but he said instead "go back to where you came from. why are you all coming up here?" we were just about 4 to 5 stations away so i didn't react at all. all i wanted was to get off the train. i went somewhere near Alex. he said he saw me on the train window's reflection that tears were welling from my eyes but he thought it was because of our argument. when i told him about it later, he was so angry for me not telling him. knowing his style when getting angry, i just chose to keep quiet i said.. the angrier he got.. LOL!

  5. it was the first racism incident i experienced here in korea. adu pay ah but i just chose to not dwell on them too. 2nd was from Alex' auntie, LOL! she gave me most of her daughter's old clothes ket oversized da garud. kasla ak a pimpiman met from philippines. i really didnt feel good. kasla a since hten ket awanen napintas maexperience ko from elders, LOL!

  6. i don't think we treat foreigners (especially tourists) like that here in the Philippines.

  7. I loved Milan but I did notice that Milanese are more snooty compared to the Romans. But my gosh what a horrible incident. In all my travels abroad, I'm lucky I didn't experience any rude behavior from the locals.

    Great photos, as usual. Great view from the rooftop of the Duomo, no? It was only on our fourth visit did we learn that you can actually climb up there. hehehe

  8. I showed my husband the stunning architecture photos, kunana kitdi "kaanu tayo apan dita?" hehe, I wish it's that easy for us.

    I hope the heart on your coffee subsided you a bit that time. Bless those racist people!

    I hope you're having a great time now especially with your mom, amidst your medication...

  9. love the cathedral! amazing! :)

    thank God i haven't experienced discrimination during my travels...yet. and i hope never.

  10. sad to hear about what happened. one thing for sure, we don't treat foreigners like that here in the philippines.

    anyway, milan is so beautiful. love your photos kayni!

  11. Ngee, sya kaya ang mal educata! The nerve of that woman. Hehehe. Kainis!

    Wow, ang ganda ng cathedral! I wanna see it someday.

  12. that was an awful experience. what a lady! your photos are so lovely. but i have to ask you, in eat, pray, love, venice was described as a not so lively place, like it is peeling away, is that true? btw kayni, christmas exchange gift is here again. you want to try again? it's up my place. new rules are up and hopefully things turn out better this time.

  13. Ang gaganda ng structures nila doon... nakakaloka naman yung Italianang nakaingkuwentro ninyo ng kaibigan mo. :)

  14. there's no place like home..indeed..