Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Christmas Wish List

This is for my online gift exchange buddies. Have fun shopping! I know I'll have a great time hunting presents for all of you.

 Here's my Christmas Wish List:
  • Something you can use everyday: scented pens or 2012 small monthly organizer
  • Something cute: any Sanrio stuff
  • Something light or small: cute earphones
  • Something fancy: bracelet or necklace
  • Something sweet: milk chocolate, any Filipino sweets
  • Favorite colors: pink and lavender
  • Something you really need: knitted scarf or mittens, any winter stuff to keep me warm
  • Something you collect: Filipiniana themed paper products (papelmelroti), fridge magnets, Christmas ornaments
  • If you have one wish, what would it be: to have my full health back


  1. This is a good list :) I'm still thinking of mine kasi what i really want are more cats :D LOL. Let's pray for your last wish.

  2. nice list kayni. by the way, can i still join for the exchange gift?

  3. Hi eds, yes you may. Do post your list by Dec 2.

  4. i received your mail Kayni :) and will start shopping today...hahah!! excited! i pray for your last wish :)

  5. I dopn't think I can join, I'm drowning with work!

  6. praying that God give you the last one. :)

  7. of all the items in your list, the thing that i hope you get is the last one (because it is the most priceless) -- your health.

    hang in there kayni. i hope you guys have a great christmas this year...

  8. I came too late! :( But I will be praying for your last wish.