This fall, it's all about the clutch

Guest post written by Sarah Livingston.

I think for about forever by now it's always been a rule that you only carry around clutches at night. But if you ask anyone on street style blogs or that reads them, they'll tell you to that clutches are okay for the day too. It's just there's a big difference between the ones that you would wear during the day and the ones that you would wear going out at night. For one thing, they're bigger in general.
The only clutches that I have now are only appropriate for night so I'm making sure that I buy at least one that I can carry around during the day. When I was online shopping for a perfect fall daytime clutch, I ran across some info on clearwire coverage. I looked through it some and decided to change over my internet service at my apartment to it.

I did find this really cute fall clutch that's pretty large and made of distressed looking blue leather. It's perfectly casual, but I think I can dress it up a little bit too.