Monday, November 28, 2011

To My Christmas Exchange Gift Partners

I have three Christmas exchange gift partners so far, I'll play Santa to Kate, Photo Cache, Amelia, and they'll be Santas to me. To my gift partners, please post your Christmas wish list by December 2nd, so that I can start shopping for all of you. I'll be sending packages by December 10th.

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Christmas Wish List Guide
  • Something you can use everyday:
  • Something cute:
  • Something light or small:
  • Something fancy:
  • Something sweet:
  • Favorite colors:
  • Something you really need:
  • Something you collect:
  • If you have one wish, what would it be:
Please note that this list is just a guideline. It's Christmas and whatever you put into that box will surely make me happy as long as it's packed with cheer and kindness.


    1. can we be Christmas exchange partners? ;)

    2. @ Kate, I'm so excited too.

      @ Amelia, Absolutely, yes, let's be gift exchange partners. Do put up your list by Dec. 2.

    3. thanks thanks!! i'll send you mine and do send you list as well ;) am excited!!!