Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Copenhagen's Gefion Fountain

After the Rosenberg Castle, we took the bus to the Gefion Fountain. Copenhagen is real easy to get around with Copenhagen's efficient train and bus system, everything is accessible.  Also, we stayed at a hotel walking distance to one of the metro stops, so it was easy for us to just hop on the train wherever we wanted to go. Fortunately, it was perfect walking weather when we were in Copenhagen so we made the most of it and spent most of our days outdoors.

 The Gefion Fountain is the largest monument in Copenhagen. The fountain is to Copenhagen what the Fontana di Trevi is to Rome, a wishing-well. The goddess Gefion is the fountain’s main figure.(Source)

Even if the main attraction is the fountain, if you find yourself here, I suggest you walk around the park.

 English Church - St. Alban's Church (1885-87)

I love the water lilies. I found this area very relaxing.

St. Alban's Church taken at the entrance to the Kastellet.

This is definitely one of the places I enjoyed visiting in Copenhagen.


  1. i love that pic with the water lilies...relaxing nga yung view.

    did you enter the old church? grabe ha, 1880s pa!

  2. so beautiful out there and this is in the city of copenhagen? wow, they have so many open areas in the city proper.

  3. @kg, no we did not enter the church. we spent our time at the park.

    @photo cache, I was impressed how Copenhagen manages to balance buildings and greenery.

  4. Wish to see more pics inside the St. Alban's church..:)

  5. Wow such a lovely fountain. Is the Goddess Gefion riding a chariot that is being pulled by bulls? Impressive statue.