Sunday, December 11, 2011

Copenhagen's Rosenberg Castle

After our Baltic tour, we stayed in Copenhagen for four days to rest before we head home to the US.  Copenhagen is clean, friendly and it's an easy city to navigate.  We loved walking around the city, eating bread and pastries on their cafes, exploring the tourist spots and most of all - their beautiful castles.  I really enjoyed Copenhagen; there's just something about this city that makes me feel at home.  Anyway, one of our first stops is the Rosenberg Castle.

Rosenborg Castle stands today, with its tall towers and its red masonry with sandstone ornaments, as a distinguished example of Christian IV's many building projects, perfect despite many changes during its construction history. The Castle is built in the special Dutch Renaissance style which became typical of Danish buildings during this period. A couple of architects, Bertel Lange and Hans van Steenwinckel, are associated with the Castle. Christian IV's own effort is often discussed but there is no doubt that he came up with many of the ideas. (Source)

The castle is located close to the Royal Garden, where we spent a lot of our time relaxing, watching people and just sitting on their vast grassy lawn.

This is the view from The Royal Garden.

This window is from the entrance gate to the castle.

There's more of Denmark to come. I apologize for being absent in the blogging world as life has caught up with me. Also, I've been trying to finish my two final papers for my first semester in grad school, while preparing for the holidays.

Life is good. I hope that you're all doing well. Thank you for always visiting.


  1. Wow great architecture! I love visiting castles, too bad we don't have any here hehe :D

  2. i'd love to see more castles. the one we went to in rome was not the "castle" i was imagining... i was imagining something like a disney kind of castle! hehe!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and vibrant. I wonder how come our skies here never look that way :( Is it the smog? Also loving the green lions :D

  4. oh i love to visit here someday also. i like places where castles are located. never seen a real life castle in my lifetime.

    hope everythings going well for you.

  5. @ Kate, I thought the lions framed the castle well :)

    @ Photo Cache, I'm ok just nursing a sinus infection and going to see the doctors tomorrow.