Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Forward To

2012 is just finishing its first week, but I've been thinking and planning all the things I can do this year. For the first couple of months, I am looking forward to:
  • my pay increase at work - it would be nice to have some extra money for travel
  • launching my etsy store - i hope my bead creations would sell
  • incorporate walking every afternoon to build up my stamina - being sickly last year made me into a couch potato
  • starting spring semester - my subjects are interesting this semester: immigration and american literature
  • restaurant week - already reserved a lunch date for Mom and I
  • my birthday in a couple of weeks - woohoo, celebrating life
  • the cherry blossoms and tulips in spring
  • finalizing travel plans for the year - so many destinations so little time


  1. I hope we could see the Cherry blossoms in Japan this year. We're still in the planning stage of our travels for 2012. I agree so many destinations, so little time. Plus in our case, not enough budget for travels lol!

  2. wow! looks so exciting. goodluck on your etsy shop.

  3. you are right. so many places to go to, so little time. and for me, not enough funds. hahaha.. my list for the year include northern India. i hope it pushes through.

    it always is great to have things to look forward to. happy new year, Kayni.

  4. and here i am, still waiting for husband to call his family about the date i set for Sooae's birthday. i think that i couldn't move on yet until we're done with the "mini" celebration that's even getting so difficult to set..

    i hope to have another fruitful and sooae-funfilled year..

    cheers to your plans, especially the "salary increase" (^,^)and the etsy shop.. God bless...

  5. I love your list :) Lots of stuff to look forward to! Please post your etsy shop's link once it is up. I am excited to see your creations.