Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Skis At The National Harbor

One of the things we did during the Christmas weekend is watch the water ski stunts at the National Harbor. What's intriguing is that the skiers were in Christmas costumes. It was so chili that day that Kepi got sick the next day. Obviously, the water is cold at this time of year and I was impressed how the skiers took the waters and went on with their show anyway.

The National Harbor Christmas Tree. This is the area where the water skiers performed.

A dog elf.

Frosty the snowman on a boat.

The water skiing reindeers.

A flying elf.

An elf sky skiing.

This is the Grinch, who couldn't get his jet ski started.

Of course - water skiing Santa.

Santa did well skiing. My only comment is that this is one fit Santa.


  1. The snowman is so funny! :D Thank you for the cool package, Kayni <3

  2. @Kate, You are so welcome. I'm glad you got them :).

  3. this is a good tradition to keep, something different and fun.

  4. wow! so cool. indeed a very nice tradition to keep. that dog elf is a cutie.

  5. What a nice tradition! The biggest thing that happened in Abu Dhabi was an effort from one of the malls to have a really huge Christmas tree. Really a biggie being in a Muslim country. Happy new year!

  6. thanks for this Christmas treat, Kayni! it's so entertaining. it's so Christmas here inside our house but after the 25th, most took down their decors, Christmasy ads were taken down and replaced with the regular ones. when i went to the post office the other day to send something to my cousin here, they've also taken out the special Christmas cards already. "끝" or "Christmas is finished." they said and i wanted to argue that it's only just begun actually... hehe...

    I hope you'll have a great New Year's celebration...

  7. A happy and blessed New Year, Kayni! All the best for 2012!

  8. Looks like a fun water event. The elf dog is so cute. It's a treat to see Santa and his elf skiing. :)