Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Travel In My Sleep

My mind has been working overtime even in my sleep.

Spring semester is starting next week and I've been busy purchasing my books and trying to get my schedule straightened out. With school, planning trips takes a bit of skill and timing to be able to squeeze trips in between. So even if I'm in school, I intend to travel still. I have realized a long time ago that I can't live without the joys of travel. I was 20 when I first traveled on my own to Alaska and since then, I craved the delectation of the journey as well as the trepidation of traveling to new places.

For 2012, I have so many things on my list that I want to accomplish. With my health challenges still looming in my mind, I intend to live this year as best as I can and do what makes me happy; this may sound selfish but life's too short to be just waiting for happiness. I am pertaining to finding what makes you really happy and going for it.

Our first two trips of the year have been booked and I'm beyond elated. For the first few months of this year, I want to:
  • escape winter for a few days and enjoy the lights and warmth of Vegas
  • drive to the Grand Canyon and witness with my own eyes its beauty and splendor
  • enjoy time with mom, kepi and possibly dad
  • eat sari-sari and adobo omelet at Elena's; they're a fave eatery in Hawaii and they recently opened a restaurant in Vegas
  • enjoy watching the fountains of Bellagio with my Kepi
  • feel the energy and culture of Reykjavik
  • soak in the Blue Lagoon and feel its healing powers
  • walk on a glacier
  • take photos and enjoy nature at Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss
  • gaze at the aurora borealis until I fall asleep (depends if we can catch a glimpse of it in May)
  • sink my teeth into a plokkfiskur (wine-dried fish) or see if I could handle hakarl (fermented shark meat)
  • to travel slow and savor every minute of it


  1. I dream about traveling all the time! You are so lucky to have been to so many places :) Hope 2012 will bring us both more travel adventures!

  2. have you been to the grand canyon before? if not, then DO NOT miss it. i swear, it is amazing. :)

    i'd like to hear your experience walking on a glacier. :)

  3. you should check off every item on this list soon.

  4. I wish I can come with you on your travel plans..haha