Friday, January 6, 2012

Interior And Gardens Of Frederiksborg Castle

The beauty of Frederiksborg Castle resonates inside and out.

There are times I enjoy exploring one place without a map or a brochure, my visit to Frederiksborg is one of them. Sometimes, I get too involved with the history of one place that I end up ignoring the beauty around me. This time, I didn't pay attention to the brochure or self guided audio tour about the castle.  I simply walked the castle's rooms not minding what it was for, what is it made of or who designed the rooms. By simply enjoying the walk and admiring what is laid in front of me, I saw more and understood deeper the meaning of the place. Sometimes, travel is not about the history or the significance of one place, but simply being "there."

The welcoming hall - I love the arched ceilings.

I adore that white dress to the right.

The chapel inside the castle. There was someone playing the organ while we were there.

Access to the main chapel was restricted because they were preparing for an occasion.

One of the painted celings.

The castle gardens.

The gardens are well kept and perfect for an afternoon walk.

A view from the garden. You could see the grey clouds started appearing, but I refuse to leave.

Luckily, it didn't rain so we stayed longer and too more photos. We also walked around the residential area close to the castle. This is really a beautiful area to visit.

Here's a bird we saw enjoying the pond. I think he's looking for prey.

The beauty of this area really enchanted me. While Kepi and I were walking to the train station, I told him that if I could move, I'd like to move to Hillerod, own a house near the castle. The train to Copenhagen hummed through the beautiful country side. Truly, I admit. Denmark has caught my heart.


  1. this castle is simply ostentatious, in a very very good way. yap, a place can capture your heart in a way that you see yourself having a life there.

    i had the same feelings when i visited oregon and later barcelona.

  2. love it! ang ganda ganda...imagine chapel lang yun pero super ganda! :)

  3. that place is awesome!

    i agree about the "being there" part.
    but I do feel the history of a place adds the magical feeling when we get there :D