Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lunch At Hillerod

According to the Hillerod's website, the city is "a modern and pulsating city, with its own unique flavour. The bustling life of the town square and pedestrian street set in the surroundings of the fairy tale castle and picturesque lake are truly exceptional. The city centre is dominated by the magnificent renaissance castle and gardens, built and once inhabited by the King and his court. The castle itself is now a museum, but the church within is still very much in use." (Source) This description got it right, and if I were to go back to Denmark, I wouldn't hesitate to hop on that train to visit Hillerod again.

Here are a few more photos from the Hillerod area:

 This is still part of the castle gardens.

 I think this was an old church. We walked around the lake and found the church closed.

 At the castle gardens.

 The residential area near the castle.

A photo I took while we were walking away from the castle.

 After that delightful visit to the castle and gardens, we decided to have lunch in the city center. I got me a big glass of cold soda.

 Kepi had a plate of beef, salad and fries.

I ordered some sort of omelet, salad and fries. My plate was really delicious and very filling.

The joys of travel - beautiful views and a fantastic meal.


  1. A meal definitely completes the whole experience.

    The castle garden is so lovely.

  2. Kayni, thanks once again for the wonderful pics.. my eyes went to the fries and remembered and missed how we do "fries" back home.. when i was young, i remember my relatives from the mt. trail dropping by our house, giving my dad half sacks of potatoes and cabbages for free before heading to the trading post. we'd cook everything and anything with them.. i miss those days when you can just ask your neighbor or relatives for free veggies or fruits.. hehehe.. agkarayam kamin tu pay jay strawberry farm idi, "agtakaw" strawberry, wahahaha!

  3. parang mas gusto ko maglunch sa grass! so green, so inviting! :)