Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beading A Lifesaver

Beading is a lifesaver.

The past few days, I've been doing a lot of beading projects, and it's been wonderful to divert my attention to something beautiful and productive. Things on the health side has been more challenging than ever, so beading is my outlet. (You can read my more personal entry here.)

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Anyway, here are a few new additions to my shop. I hope you like them.

 This beautiful bracelet is made of crystal glass beads and oval ivory glass pearl beads. It is finished with a gold plated toggle clasp for easy wear.

 This beautiful bracelet is made with red and blue cat's eye beads, so you can imagine that this jewelry is surely eye catching. It is finished with a silver fancy toggle clasp.

This beautiful piece is made of woven pink and blue cat's eye beads, finished with a silver fancy toggle clasp.

 This pair is made of oval ivory glass pearl beads and crystal glass beads. It's about 1 and a half inch, and it is finished with a surgical steel fish hook.


  1. Those are lovely creations. I'm glad you found an outlet to help keep your mind away from your health worries. Take care.

  2. very nice. so feminine. it's really good that you have an outlet. it's another week, hope this one's better than the last one.